Well… Tumblr seems to be too filled with images that mean next to nothing to me, so I’ve made my way into the world of WordPress. Honestly, writing is the one thing that’s kept me sane, these past few years. As much as I love the feeling of having a pen in my hand, watching paper absorb ink, I seem to type faster than I think, sometimes. I don’t know. We’ll see where this goes, I guess.

As for ME. I’d spent about half my life being raised in NYC. Now, I am in the Toronto area. I’m a Criminology major.. as much as I would love to write for a living, the idea of being a lawyer seems a bit more concrete/stable. New York is the center of my universe, and I have every intention of going back there. My favourite colour is silver, I would rather have a puppy than a baby, I am 4’11 and believe I will only be shrinking from here on in, and heavily dislike my appearance. I’m usually not the most outgoing, but I can be. I have a potty mouth. Uh.. I like being asked questions! Do that. It’s easier than this About-Me-section business.


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